What does it mean to have high voltage thinking?

It is having intensive energy and focus on each project's individual needs. It is not settling on the first concept that comes to the client's mind. It is about researching the needs of the client, company, and audience, designing truly unique experiences, and implementing the solutions to elevate their brand. Here are the rules that I live by: push the boundaries of design, don't play it safe, be bold, and be open to everything.





My name is Jeromy Lund. I am a Visual Designer and Entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas, with a passion for creating dynamic and memorable brand and UX/UI experiences. Branding is more than a cool logo, it is creating visual systems that evoke feeling and motivates consumer behavior across different medias.


As a designer, I do not play it safe. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and using high voltage thinking to develop the best possible solution for my clients. I am constantly thinking about design, but when I have free time, you will find me outside with my wife playing with our two amazing kids.