Creating a new company that had what children love today and combining it with play dough. This company would also be environmentally conscious by having packaging that is eco-friendly; reducing the

amount of paper/plastic.


The concept is fitting the demands of the consumers. Children are excited about the surprise that they could be getting. Youtube is full and has millions of hits on their videos of surprise eggs. This new concept uses this surprise and combines it with play dough.

Oh! Surprise! All kids love surprises; big or small. Let us take it further by thinking about eggs in general, where are they found?  And Dinoh was born.



The logo-type concept came from the dough itself, using these thick round letterforms to mimic the product. This logotype was hand-lettered for the comparison of making something with your hands.


These colors are based on the target audience; young children. These kids respond to these colors because they are the primary colors. These colors are very prominent in child learning platforms and products today.  

Giving these surprise eggs a home/nest. While being environmentally conscious; we use 4-count egg carton composed of pulp. It will also have a paper wrap for the display label on the shelf. This package is more sustainable and is completely recyclable. It does contain plastic eggs, however, plastic eggs can be re-used for easter. REDUCE: Amount of plastic. REUSE: Eggs for Easter. RECYCLE: Whole package variables. 




This label is made from paper that is 100% recyclable to further support the concept of sustainability. The recyclable paper also gives a nice texture to further support the concept of these Dinoh eggs in their nest.



This is a part of the back label. Youtube kids is a platform for kid-friendly videos. If you have kids then you know exactly what this is. A big portion of these videos is advertising for new products. These ads are called toy reviews, kids just see new toys and other kids having fun with them. This gets them to ask their parents. “Mommy, Daddy we can go to Toys R’ Us and get it, I really want it.” So this Icon is placed there to get kids to watch their youtube channel which will promote new features and other products within the company, thus increasing revenue.


These Dinoh Surprise Eggs can be found on the shelf at any grocery store, and most toy stores. This product is priced competitively at first for promotion, after the promotional period it will jump up about to around six dollars. Here is the packaging in its environment on the shelf next to other surprise toys.


Dinoh Surprise eggs was a new spin on play dough that has not been seen in the market. The solution in the packaging is what brought the concept to play, by almost replicating a dino nest. The package was able to bring a concept, be recyclable, and be reusable.